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This scarf recreates Mexico. This country is 100% inspiration throughout the textile narrative. It is a long piece for several laps, with mixed fabrics that speak of sand, tradition and culture and that come from Italy and Spain. Natural silk, silk-cotton and mixed fabrics. As a curiosity there is a small and exquisite white fabric, which came into our hands when we closed a bridal store in Madrid (Spain). We wanted to bring the brightness of the fabric to other stories.


Designed by Almudena Solana. Handmade in Spain or Los Angeles.


Dimensions: 31 x 206 cms (12”x 80'5”)


The possible irregularities are the soul of a unique creation. Sewn by hand by expert seamstresses who, with extreme care, know how to overcome the difficulty of joining fabrics of different thicknesses and behaviors to make them all "dance" from the same movement that the design requires. Only they, the seamstresses, are the ones who deserve the merit of the fact that fabrics that would never have been known, are found in the same garment.


México Lindo

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