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The author that publishes scarves.

Almudena Solana

International author and visual artist. She founded Fabric Poetry in 2018 when, in love with the stories behind every corner, she began to transform them into unique and unrepeatable scarves by creating them with remanents of exquisite fabrics.



In Fabric Poetry, we defend the union between art and fashion, taking care of the planet. Each piece is unique and sustainable made with the best exquisite fabric remnants from all over the world. The whole creative and handmade production process is in Los Angeles, California, and Madrid (Spain).

Fabric Poetry Collection

At the beginning of 2023 Fabric Poetry Collection was born, keeping the same soul of storytelling and exquisite design, mixing cultures and the best textiles worldwide. We can create specifically for an institution, museum, or luxury brand. In other words, we can tell our stories as well as stories of/for someone else!


In our collection of 26 pieces, each pattern keeps the essence of our brand from silks, cashmere, wool, wool silk, and so on. We don’t follow colors or fashion tendencies; we create beauty and stories to be shared, keeping the inspiration from our trips all over the world, looking for the stories of the people and fabrics, and, of course, showing our deep love for the world and nature surrounding us.

Don't Forget To Love Capsule Collection is available exclusively from B2B.


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