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For her, for him, for a special occasion, for you...

Fabric Poetry creates portable and sustainable art through unique scarves. Our pieces are one of a kind accessories with a story behind them. We tell stories using the best remnants from all over the world, so that each one of our scarves reflects the uniqueness of a human being. We also tell stories through a capsule collection.

Fabric Poetry will deliver your unique scarf along with a personalized letter explaining the origin and the reason behind each piece of fabric that composes it. 


Your Story


1-on-1 Meeting

Let us know what your story is. You can also think of someone you love or a special celebration. Answer a series of questions for our artists to get the creative process started

 Have a personal appointment with one of our artists.  Allow us to know and understand you. We will transform your story into fabric design. This is an intimate moment that the artist will never share and will only use to create your scarf.



STEP 4: 

Interactive Process


 Final Adjustments

The artist begins the search for the best fabrics from all over the world. The objective is to tell your story. This unique piece of art can be worn or displayed on the wall as a piece of art.

During the creative process, the client may be respond to further information the artist may need in the shaping of the creative  procedure to tell his/her story. 

Each of our pieces is an artistic expression of you and your life. 

Like poetry, our pieces allow you to reflect and be empowered by their meaning every day.  


“I love my Fabric Poetry scarf.  Through an artful combination of patterns, colors and textures, Almudena captured many of my life stories. She created a beautiful garment which speaks to me aesthetically and emotionally. Thank you!”


Valeria Rico Nikolov, Beverly Hills, California.

" I discovered Solana´s amazing novel, "The Curriculum of Aurora Ortiz", during a year when I had committed to reading a book a day in order to figure out how to live after my oldest sister died of cancer. Solana´s  novel helped me back to life and hope and optimism.


We never would have met but for the novel Solana wrote, and my subsequent written reflection. My beautiful scarf reflects our joined story, our love of words, and the forever connection forged between us"


Nina Sancovitch, New York.

"To lose a child… This scarf is our child David’s skin. A scarf made of pieces that turned from fabric to caresses. When you touch it, you definitively take David back home, you make his short flight longer, nearly 20 years.

Fabric to wear memories and future .Thanks Almudena.


Emiliano and Mere Brussels, Belgium.

Let us Create for You

Do you want us to create a scarf, or a throw, for someone special? You will be acquiring a piece of portable art.​


Art you can wear everyday.

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